How I Can Help You To Get Students Hired

Hi there! I am Liane Hajduch and I’m the Head of University Partnerships here at WayUp, the largest online marketplace exclusively for college students to find internships, full-time jobs, part-time and virtual gigs at over 8,100 employers. My passion is helping students find meaningful and stimulating careers, and I am proud to work at a company that shares this passion, at no cost to either students or colleges.

Prior to joining WayUp, I spent over five years in campus recruiting. I started out hiring and training hundreds of students for roles throughout financial services, at both RBC Capital Markets and Moelis & Company, and then moved on to single-handedly create and manage both the intern program and campus hiring process at Venmo (a PayPal company). I’ve worked with some of the brightest, most ambitious young talent across the world, and I know first hand how important my career services colleagues have been in preparing these young professionals for the working world.

My work at Venmo introduced me to WayUp, a company that has helped hundreds of thousands of students from more than 3,300 universities to land meaningful jobs with top employers like Google, Snapchat, Disney, Microsoft, Capital One, The New York Times, The Make A Wish Foundation and UNICEF. Through my work at WayUp, I now have access to powerful data on what types of jobs students are applying for and what student characteristics (from GPA, to major and club memberships to second languages) employers find most valuable. And for the first time, I can easily see how individual schools benchmark against other top Ivy League colleges or community colleges; in fact, the chart below is only one of the many different data points I now have access to at WayUp. I am so excited to share the latest student and employer trends with you via this blog, every week! I’m also happy to share more data about your individual school, so please do write to me at for more information.

I look forward to sharing many more trends stories and spotlights on this blog. And for those of you who will be at the NACE conference in Chicago,our CEO, Liz Wessel, will be giving a talk, while many members of our team join to meet you at the conference. It will be my first time at NACE, and I am so excited to meet many of you there!

Liane Hajduch, Head of University Partnerships

Liane has over 5 years of campus recruitment management experience - she hired, trained, mentored and developed hundreds of top candidates in both technology (Venmo/PayPal) and financial services (RBC Capital Markets, Moelis & Company). At WayUp, she partners with career services professionals across the nation to work together to help students find meaningful jobs and internships.