3 Reasons Campus Recruitment Will Never be the Same

University hiring is a key pipeline for most organizations, but it doesn’t come cheap! In fact, hiring a college grad costs $3,582, according to the Recruiting Benchmark Survey conducted by NACE, and this number continues to grow every year. Given the ever rising costs and increased competition for top talent, it is crucial for employers and career services professionals to understand the three disrupting effects technology is having on the industry so that they can adapt in this ever changing space.

Applying for a job should be as easy as shopping on Amazon
It’s no secret that Gen Y is used to instant gratification, as this generation has come of age during a time where we can do almost everything online, from transferring money (Venmo), to buying groceries (FreshDirect), to finding a love interest (Tinder). Why should applying for a job be any different?

The data backs this up. At WayUp, we find that students are over three times more likely to apply to jobs with one-click job applications. To ensure all qualified candidates make it through the process, we use single-click applications and Applicant Tracking System integrations for a great experience for both students and employers.

Everything happens on smartphones
Millennials check their smartphones 43 times a day. They spend 29% of their time online on mobile apps, which could be either social media or job search apps. Since getting a job is top of mind for most college students, and that first job is more important than almost any other job they’ll ever have, it is no surprise that students have taken their job search mobile.

We recognized this trend very early on – at least half our users access us via mobile – and launched the WayUp iPhone app in December. Since then, we’ve seen a tremendous increase in students browsing jobs on their phones, though desktop is still the most popular place to submit applications. While we’re still in the early days of mobile first applications, we’re excited to be on the forefront of the mobile job search, and look forward to sharing these trends with you.

Branding is crucial, and it’s gone digital
Employers consider branding the most important part of their campus recruiting programs – 91.4% list it as very important or extremely important in the Recruiting Benchmark Survey conducted by NACE. There is intense competition for top talent, and students are increasingly attracted to smaller, younger companies where they can make a bigger impact and truly add value. And of course, they’re searching for more information on these companies online.

Having had first-hand experience working in campus recruiting at RBC Capital Markets, I know that students can have a real impact at many larger employers. The truth is that smaller, newer companies are just better at talking to students and connecting with them. We recognize this at WayUp and we are helping all companies share their stories and values with over half a million students across the country via webinars, company profiles and through our student search feature.

As a former campus recruiter, I know that my colleagues sometimes attend as many as 31 career fairs every year, and still struggle to fill their intern and new grad cohorts. WayUp supports campus recruiting goals by supplemented an on-campus presence with a smart, forward-thinking and engaging digital approach to attract students and hire diverse, top-tier talent!

Liane Hajduch, Head of University Partnerships

Liane has over 5 years of campus recruitment management experience - she hired, trained, mentored and developed hundreds of top candidates in both technology (Venmo/PayPal) and financial services (RBC Capital Markets, Moelis & Company). At WayUp, she partners with career services professionals across the nation to work together to help students find meaningful jobs and internships.