5 Things Employers Do and Don’t Care About in the Job Search

At WayUp, we’re working with 10,000+ employers across the nation to help them hire top college talent. We’re giving recruiters the power to reach every college student in the US, and you’ll never guess what they actually do and do not care about in the job search.

1) Employers DON’T Care About GPA or Major

When an employer posts a job on WayUp, they have the ability to select the exact applicants they want applying to the listings. While you might assume top consulting firms like McKinsey only hire business majors with 3.9 GPAs, that’s absolutely not the case. In fact, only 8.7% of WayUp listings have GPA requirements and only 8.9% restrict applicants based on major. Even though employers have the power to block applicants based on stringent, black and white criteria, they’re opening their jobs to a wider audience than ever before.

2) Employers DON’T Look at Resumes

We’re living in the digital age where paper resumes may become a thing of the past. At WayUp, employers are viewing student profiles four times more often than resumes, and this number continues to climb.

Employers tell us they prefer WayUp’s digital profiles because they’re uniform, easy to read, and contain the exact information recruiters need to make informed hiring decisions. Online profiles are fundamental to the job search, so don’t forget to share these 3 crucial profile tips with your students to get them hired.

3) Employers DO Think Past Experience Is Key

Of the thousands of employers using WayUp’s search for students function, the top search terms are: sales, marketing, data, web analytics and customer service. Digging deeper, we find that employers are not just keyword searching for specific skills, but really trying to understand how students learned and executed important skills in real life. Past experience, which includes part-time jobs, internships, campus rep gigs, volunteer work and student org experience, is the key to standing out to employers.

4) Employers DO Look at a Variety of Schools

Most college recruiters are still boots on the ground at 10-20 target campuses, but these same employers are also thinking bigger picture to diversify their candidate pools. As we learned from Goldman Sachs, traditional characteristics like attending a target school are not good indicators of success.

That’s where WayUp comes in. We’re empowering employers to consider students from every university across the nation, and it’s working! Employers like Capital One, EY, TripAdvisor and Viacom target students spanning community colleges to the ivy leagues, and couldn’t be happier with the results.

5) Employers DO Seek Out Students Themselves

Just 2-3 years ago, campus recruitment was exclusively for active candidates – only those attending on-campus events were ever seen. Technology has changed this drastically, and we’re seeing this first hand at WayUp. At any given time, 60% of WayUp employers are actively seeking students via our search for student function.

This is great for students, since they don’t even need to leave their dorm to meet recruiters. This also means that putting your digital best foot forward has never been more important.

The recruitment industry is changing faster than ever before. At WayUp we’re fortunate to have access to thousands of employers to help us understand and predict these trends, and we’re here to ensure you get the inside scoop so that you can prepare your students to wow every employer!

Liane Hajduch, Head of University Partnerships

Liane has over 5 years of campus recruitment management experience - she hired, trained, mentored and developed hundreds of top candidates in both technology (Venmo/PayPal) and financial services (RBC Capital Markets, Moelis & Company). At WayUp, she partners with career services professionals across the nation to work together to help students find meaningful jobs and internships.