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Each month we will be covering hiring trends and data-backed insights on what jobs students are applying for, and what student attributes employers are looking for.

1 In 3 Get Hired

WayUp is the largest online marketplace exclusively for U.S. college students looking for part-time jobs, summer internships, virtual gigs and entry-level jobs.

4,500+ Campuses

We work closely with our career center partners to get your students hired. Plus we share stats on your students’ placement trends and benchmarking data.

11,000+ Employers

We work with 10,000+ employers like Google, Disney, Viacom, Capital One, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Snapchat, Uber and thousands more.

Why Millennials Make the Best Hires

Millennials will make up 46% of the workforce by 2020 and yet this generation is plagued by broad misconceptions about loyalty (they’re not), how they value life outside work (didn’t we all in our 20s?) and their obsession with social media (it’s spawning an entire generation of new companies). Let’s debunk these misconceptions for employers, shall we?

How I Can Help You To Get Students Hired

Through my work at WayUp, I can see exactly what jobs students are applying for and the student characteristics that employers are looking for. I also see how individual schools perform against benchmarks from Top Ivy League colleges or other community colleges. And I’m so excited to share this, plus the latest student and employer trends, with you!


What Our Career Services Partners Are Saying:

The integration of WayUp’s job postings onto our job board has been a breeze.  I have been impressed by the consistent quality of WayUp jobs, and it’s been a great benefit to our students… NYU’s students have already secured hundreds of jobs because of the addition of WayUp.

Trudy Steinfeld
Trudy SteinfeldExecutive Director, NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development

Their energy and enthusiasm around career development was infectious among our students, faculty and staff.  WayUp showed our students their innovative job search tool for their “career toolkit” and brilliantly provided our students with free head shots for their professional profiles.

Corrie Haley
Corrie HaleyCareer & Internship Advisor, University of Rhode Island
Formerly Campus Job