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If getting students jobs is our raison d’etre (and by far the favorite part of our jobs!), working with employers is our bread and butter. In this section, Liane spends quality time with employers to understand what keeps them up at night when it comes to hiring college students, their advice to students looking for a job and their favorite job back when they were college students.

We’re excited to speak with Nate, a Senior Project Manager and Recruiter on Capital One’s Digital Insights Team in Campus Recruiting. Nate built a strong network at Capital One in his various Project Management roles, and was able to leverage that network to land in the digital recruitment space, where he uses emerging digital technologies to attract many of Capital One’s top hires. During his time at Washington University in St. Louis he had the opportunity to work with the business school career center,  and is passionate about continuing to help students land their dream careers today!

Name: Nate B

Employer: Capital One

Title: Senior Project Manager/Recruiter, Digital Insights Team in Campus Recruiting

Educational background: Washington University in St. Louis; Double Major in Political Science and International Business

Can you tell us a bit about your background? How did you land in your current role?

After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, I joined Capital One in the Project Management Development Program at Capital One.  This is a really awesome program that offers two unique rotational experiences as a project manager, process manager, or scrum master on an agile team.  I spent my first year working in Technology Operations on very complex system builds. I spent my second rotation in Card Operations; one of my biggest projects was leading the roll out of a new user interface to our customer service agents.  After graduating from the program, I was looking to get involved with people strategies.  I was able to use my network to find my current digital recruiting strategy role within Campus recruiting and have been able to leverage my project management skillsets from previous roles.  

Have you made any really special or impactful hires? Or is there a person you feel like you really influenced during your career? We’d love to hear that story!

In traditional methods of recruiting, students only have access to the positions and opportunities that are available at their university career fairs.  However, as more digital tools emerge in the industry and employers have more methods to reach and communicate with students, the amount of opportunities for students is expanding.  Some of the most impactful hires tend to be the ones that I have reached through digital sourcing because they may not have known about Capital One or the amazing new hire programs through more traditional methods! Because the process of finding a job can be challenging and potentially overwhelming, Capital One is committed to using digital tools that are intuitive for students and aid in their decision-making process. It is so rewarding to be able to offer a job and jump start a student’s career with an opportunity they otherwise may not have been able to find.

What changes have you seen in the industry, or what trends do you predict in the coming months?

Capital One is a company founded on data and analytics principles, so we’ve always used the latest technology to best serve our customers and empower our associates. With the speed of changing technology now, we’re fully embracing the latest technology and transforming the way we work.   I can see the evolution happening on a daily basis across the company.  Teams are using Agile in their development, design thinking methodologies are being practiced across the enterprise, and the general culture of the company is becoming even more “tech-y.”  From the bikes on our campus to the bold and innovative workspaces, the environment is electric!  Now that I am in Campus Recruiting, I see that technology evolution from a different perspective as our demand for engineers and data scientists continues to grow.  

What is your favorite piece of advice to give job seekers?

Keep an open mind about your career path and establish a network throughout your career. This enables you to find the best job fit and shape your career fit regardless of industry.  

I never thought I would be working in recruiting!  I also never thought that I would have been working on engineering projects in Technology Operations or large scale implementations in Card Operations.  However, I originally chose Capital One due to the company’s world-class new hire development programs and I have been able to grow my network and therefore my opportunities.

Additionally, I think it is important to look at all aspects of the company outside of the specific role. I was looking for diverse and inclusive cultures in my search, and Capital One’s associate network groups (commonly known as Employee Resource Group) were attractive in my search.  Since joining the company, I have had the chance to hold leadership positions in the LGBT network and give back outside of my day-to-day work.

When you’re not helping candidates or people within your organization, how do you like to spend your free time?

I love being active and being outside! I live near a river in Virginia which has been an awesome place to reside since I can simultaneously live in a city and have access to the outdoors.  I love running, hiking and climbing.  Additionally, I have been very involved with volunteerism.  I was introduced to the Ronald McDonald House through a volunteer project during my first year at Capital One and ended up volunteering weekly for the next year!

Here’s a question we love to ask everyone who visits the WayUp office – what was your favorite job in college?

I graduated a semester early from college and continued to live near campus where I worked for the business school career center.  This was an awesome gig because I could save money, finish my college experience with my friends, learn about potential job opportunities, and network with employers through my work with the career center. Little did I know that one day I would be helping students at the same stage in life make the next big steps in their careers!



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