Introducing Molly Belcher

Formerly a campus recruiter

If getting students jobs is our raison d’etre (and by far the favorite part of our jobs!), working with employers is our bread and butter. In this section, Liane spends quality time with employers to understand what keeps them up at night when it comes to hiring college students, their advice to students looking for a job and their favorite job back when they were college students.

We’re excited to speak with Molly Belcher, a Senior Account Executive at Career Group. Molly’s work in the fashion industry, both as a wholesaler and a campus recruiter, led her to her passion – helping people find their dream jobs. Her advice to candidates is concise and impactful, and she tells us, from her own experience, why we should all spend some time in the restaurant biz.

Education Background: University of Kentucky

Can you tell us a bit about your background? How did you land in your current role?

I started my career in fashion wholesale working at a luxury designer showroom. I then went to work in direct sales for a women’s clothing brand start-up targeting girls on college campuses. I was in charge of campus recruitment for our Brand Ambassadors and the Direct Sales program. Unfortunately the company didn’t get a second round of funding so I started looking for roles more focused on recruiting and was introduced to a colleague at Career Group.

Have you made any really special or impactful hires? Or is there a person you feel like you really influenced during your career? We’d love to hear that story!

They are all special and impactful! One specific hire I made was with a candidate who was awesome and looking to get out of a bad work environment. She was working at a company without benefits, and we got her a huge bump in pay and awesome benefits at a wonderful company. It was an amazing feeling knowing I was able to help her to change her life.

What changes have you seen in the industry, or what trends do you predict in the coming months?

It’s definitely a candidate’s market. Companies are hiring and great candidates are getting multiple offers. Benefits are a huge factor in job searches now more than ever as well.

What is your favorite piece of advice to give job seekers?

Keep an open mind!

When you’re not helping candidates or people within your organization, how do you like to spend your free time?

With friends and family and traveling. I want to see the world!

Here’s a question we love to ask everyone who visits the WayUp office – what was your favorite job in college?

I worked at a restaurant as a Server on Hilton Head Island for two summers in college and it was a blast. It was so hectic and crazy every night, but I got to meet so many fun people and different personalities. Working in hospitality is a humbling experience and I think everyone should work in the restaurant industry at least once in their life!



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