Introducing the very impressive Katie Mulligan

Formerly from Animoto & Venmo

If getting students jobs is our raison d’etre (and by far the favorite part of our jobs!), working with employers is our bread and butter. In this section, Liane spends quality time with employers to understand what keeps them up at night when it comes to hiring college students, their advice to students looking for a job and their favorite job back when they were college students.

In this spotlight, we have the very impressive Katie Mulligan. Katie is currently an HR contractor at Opsline, and previously worked on the People teams of both Animoto and Venmo. Katie has a lot to teach us about the importance of balancing hard and soft skills, trusting your instincts and how you can gain valuable skills from part-time jobs!

Katie Mulligan, HR at Opsline, formerly from Animoto and Venmo

Education Background: BFA Theatre Design from Brooklyn College

Can you tell us a bit about your background? How did you land in your current role?

After I realized I didn’t want to be a freelance designer, I snagged a job as an office manager in a small tech company. Along with basic office management/coordination, I provided assistance to our People Services/HR person. My job for the last few years has consisted of office management, employee experience (happiness/retention), recruiting coordinator, HR assistant. I am currently helping a 5 person tech company in NYC grow their team.

Have you made any really special or impactful hires? Or is there a person you feel like you really influenced during your career? We’d love to hear that story!

For three years, I worked as an HR assistant for my company’s Head of People. It was just the two of us on the team. She had a ton of hard skills, and I tend to excel in soft skills. Throughout the years we worked together, we learned a lot from each other. She taught me how to be more assertive and I taught her how to be more empathetic. We were a great team. Recently she told me that she softened up a lot since she worked with me, and feels so much more well-rounded and capable of taking on a solo Head of People role in a new environment.

What changes have you seen in the industry, or what trends do you predict in the coming months?

I think the relatively recent increase in diversity awareness and employee happiness have been incredible. I think we’ll see a lot more on that front.

What is your favorite piece of advice to give job seekers?

Apply to companies that are doing things that are interesting to you. It’s easier to put in effort on your particular position if you believe in the company’s business plan. Also, trust your instincts. If you don’t have a great impression during the recruiting process, it’s for a reason.

When you’re not helping candidates or people within your organization, how do you like to spend your free time?

Cooking, taking walks, playing board games, petting my cat (if she lets me).

Here’s a question we love to ask everyone who visits the WayUp office – what was your favorite job in college?

I put myself through college, and I literally had six jobs in four years, including cocktail waitress, clerical support at a doctor’s office, executive assistant at the job center at my college, and a cashier at a quirky hardware store that served popcorn to customers. I often worked two at a time. My favorite job was probably working as a scene shop assistant at my college, which allowed me to continue to gain skills in scenic carpentry/painting (and get paid!) while I was studying for that degree.



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